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Company History

Founded in 2002, Wireless Magic is headquartered in San Diego, California. Our focus is on developing advanced mobile, wireless and internet solutions that create markets for the messaging and entertainment industries. The WirelessMagic team (me) benefits from more than 25 years of experience in wireless messaging and wireless media delivery technologies. Leveraging my intellectual property portfolio, Wireelss Magic has developed and deployed internet-based mobile wireless services that have drawn 35 thousand plus subscribers from virtually every country in the world.

The Wireless Magic portfolio contains numerous pending and issued domestic and international patents, with over 1600 patent claims issued, allowed and pending. Wireless Magic owns numerous trademarks, software copyrights and domain names related to a variety of wireless and web-based messaging and wireless technologies. Our servers are located at the SBC Data Center (12 racks down from Yahoo) in Irvine, California. To learn more about the technology click here to visit Wireless Science.

Industry Background

Wireless communications and the Internet were the key technologies of the 90's. Visionaries portrayed a future population wirelessly connected to voice communication, data and entertainment networks using a small pocket sized device. Always on and always connected was the premise. Handset manufacturers scrambled to build an array of products, combining mobile phone, PDA and pager features into a single wireless device. The wireless information revolution had begun.

By 2002, wireless handsets could access spreadsheets, manage email, download and play music, surf the Web, buy gasoline and play a video clip or take a picture.

Well into the first decade of a new century, the industry is still in pursuit of the perfect communicator. Today, handset users are overwhelmed with information they do not need. Display screens are too small for large documents. Small keypads are difficult to use. The consumer wants a simple, user friendly solution and the consumer wants to be in control. It is to this end that Wireless2Web was formed.

Company Philosophy

Our primary philosophy, simply stated, is to make it easy and convenient for mobile users to access desired information on a timely basis -- be it email, music, video, or data of any kind. While others might claim that they aspire to this same goal, what makes us different is how we go about it.

In the area of messaging, for example, the user is alerted to the fact that the desired content is available, with just enough information so that they know how to proceed. We provide the "who" and the "what", and then we afford direct access to perform the appropriate action.... Itís as simple as, "click here for more".

We do not blindly push loads and loads of potentially unwanted or untimely data. Our approach is to conserve airtime while working within the form factor limitations inherent with handheld devices. Neither do we require the user to repeatedly log on to a network to see if their critical information or the latest entertainment content has arrived. And we donít think anyone needs to carry another device. Most people already have cell phones. Finally, we believe that the spoken word is often the best way to communicate when limited to a handheld mobile..... No thumbmail while driving, just speak your message!

Wireless Magic provides elegant, proprietary solutions for the access of desired content on the go. Visit this site often to learn about the latest in mobile, wireless and internet based services.

Related Company Press

November 29, 2005 - The Register - "Mobile Patent War Shifts to Email" -- "Then there is Wireless Science, the intellectual property sister company to mobile content specialist Wireless2Web. This company claims to have 1,600 patents or pending patents, including the LinkPush user-controlled content mechanism, and has indicated that it is keen to gain an acquirer or exclusive licensee for them. It works in areas including push email, mobile multimedia, voice-email integration, music download and others..... If Wireless Scienceís patents are as valuable as the company claims, they could be a good purchase for a handset maker, providing a headstart in an increasingly pivotal and competitive market and a way to keep other rivals out...."

March 22, 2005 - Wireless2Web Receives Patent for Multi-Modal TalkBackģ Technology -- Enables Voice Response to Visual/Text-based Messaging

March 22, 2005 - "More Complex Apps Mean Experience Must Be Simple" Colin Gibbs of RCR Wireless News cites W2W as one example of the trend towards a simpler user interface, "Wireless2Web.... offers an e-mail application that allows mobile users to see just cursory information of some e-mails with the option to view the entire message or postpone reading the note until later."

February 28, 2005 - "E-mail Companies Target Casual User." Colin Gibbs of RCR Wireless News quotes W2W founder Richard Helferich in this discussion of mass-market wireless email applications and LinkPush in particular; "It's a cross between push e-mail and pull e-mail - it doesn't cause the user to pull everything they want, and doesn't push everything on the user," Helferich said. "It gives the user enough information so he or she can manage what's out there."

October 19, 2004 - LinkPushSM to be Licensed for Wireless Messaging & Media Applications -- Patented Technologies Enable Unprecedented Control over Voice, Video & Data Transmissions

September 13, 2004 San Diego Union-Tribune - Five Questions

May 2004 Wireless Review - Messaging's Missing Link

April 6,2004 - More Robust Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) Technology Developed By Wireless2Web Earns New Patent

March 30, 2004 - "The Death and Life of Paging." Telephony's Wireless & Wi-Fi Weekly editor Dan O'Shea discusses Wireless2Web's LinkPush technology; "The solution allows messages sent to mobile devices to be viewed as hyperlinks. Users can choose to click the link to download further message content to the device, or save their device memory and power for other pursuits."

December 19,2003 - Special Delivery for U.S. Armed Forces: Family, Friends of Overseas Military Personnel Can Now Stay in Touch for Free with New One2One Alert Remote E-Mail Service

December 15, 2003 - Wireless2Web Receives Eighth Patent for Multi-Media Messaging Services (MMS) Technology

November 18, 2003 - Special Delivery: New One2One Alert Service from Wireless2Web Takes E-Mail Delivery to More Personalized Level

August 28, 2003 - Wireless2Web to License Patented Wireless e-Mail Technologies

July 10, 2003 - Newly Patented Wireless Technology Gives Users Unrivaled Control Over Remote E-Mail, Multi-Media Files; Wireless2Web Makes Break-out Move in Quest for Best-of-Breed Status

June 16, 2003 - Wireless Email Breakthrough Increases Control, Reduces Costs; Newly Patented Technology Works on Any Existing Cell Phone and Requires No Special Devices, Software, or Typing

About the Founder

Richard J. Helferich
Owner, Wireless Magic
Founder and Managing Partner, Wireless2Web LLC and Wireless Science LLC

Richard J. Helferich has been a pioneer in developing innovative wireless voice and data products and services for over 25 years. He has been granted 16 U.S. patents since 1989. Additional patents in the U.S. and overseas are pending. Helferich's patent portfolio covers a wide range of wireless and landline communications systems and devices, including methods for transmitting, receiving, and processing voice, video, and data messages and information. Motorola and SK Telecom (formerly Korea Mobile Telecom) are among the licensees of Helferich's patents.

Currently, Helferich is also the founder and principal of Wireless Science (the patent licensing arm) and also the founder and a managing partner of Wireless2Web, LLC (product development).

Wireless Science was established by Helferich and partner Martin Schwartz to develop and license wireless voice and data products and services.

Wireless2Web LLC was established in 1999 to showcase and commercialize innovative wireless messaging technologies for corporations and consumers. Helferichís patents form the basis of Wireless2Webís groundbreaking technology for easy-to-use wireless voice and data messaging and e-mail.

Before joining Wireless2Web, Helferich was the chief technical officer for ReadyCom, Inc., a start-up voice messaging company. ReadyCom was established to commercialize voice messaging technology developed by Helferich. The technology utilizes existing cellular systems to create a highly efficient wireless voice mail network.

Prior to helping establish ReadyCom, Helferich was the long-time Executive Vice President and Director of Engineering at Minilec Service, Inc. Minilec is a leading third-party maintenance provider for wireless carriers. At Minilec, Helferich was known for his creative solutions to product design challenges for Minilecís manufacturer clients including Nokia and Panasonic, among others.

Before joining Minilec, Helferich owned and operated Unidyne, Inc., headquartered in the Cincinnati area. Unidyne provided sales and service for consumer products, medical electronics and communications systems.

Wireless Magic is owned and operated by Richard Helferich. Wireless2Web LLC is a sister company of WirelessScience ©2002-2007 Wireless Magic All rights reserved. Trademarks are property of their respective owners.